Structural Engineering - Sharpshell
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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

We handle structural engineering aspects of project management, planning, fabrication and corrosion protection , site erection and construction management for a wide variety of structural construction projects.

Our Structural Plant Maintenance Team offers onsite repair services. We take a team approach to maintenance from management  to inspectors; our dedicated craftsmen pay close attention to every detail on every order to ensure delivery of exactly what the client expects. The Team is  dedicated to safety and customer satisfaction. Sharpshell’s maintenance team is experienced in the following  among other plant specific jobs.

  • Maintenance of Conveyor Structures
  • Repair of vessels and tanks
  • Repairs of Stairways and Platforms ( including Hand Railing )
  • Repair of  Ducting
  • Repair of plant pipelines
  • Structural  Repair of Shutes

Maintenance and Repair of Steel structures


We understand the needs of our clients for specialty welding services.We provide the necessary efficiency, execution and effectiveness needed for critical success.


Maintenance and repair services are  available to keep our customer’s operation running smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, we offer turnaround and outage services. Our goal is to provide these integrated services for our customers resulting in a lower cost to the customer.