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Epoxy Vinyl Ester Linings

Epoxy Vinyl Ester Linings

Designed to protect steel from microbial and environmental corrosion.

Engineered to protect components.

Created to protect against harsh chemical solutions.

Formulated to increase flow rates and extend component life cycle.

Developed to be an extremely durable long lasting coating.

Blue Seal is a glass-filled modified hi-tech epoxy in which the inherent toughness of the modified epoxy has been enhanced by the addition of chemical-resistant C glass platelets.

Blue Seal’s hi-tech modified epoxy’s primary function is being a protective coating to resist corrosion, cavitation, electrolysis, abrasion and impact damage.

Tensile strength measures the amount of tensile or stretching stress a material withstands before breaking or failing. The glass fibers in Blue Seal are key to its excellent tensile strength, as they will stretch under pressure up to 14,500 psi / 1,109 kg/cm2 before breaking.

Flexural strength is a measure of the pressure a material will withstand before bending to the failure point. Blue Seal will bend even further than it stretches, which provides further resistance to damage.

Shore D hardness indicates resistance to indentation. Blue Seal’s hardness value of 88.2 indicates a very strong resistance to damage caused by direct impact relative to its flexural strength.

D638-08 Tensile Properties – Strength 1,019 kg/cm2 / 14,500 psi
Tensile Properties – Modulus of Elasticity 172,955 kg/cm2 / 2,460,000 psi
D695-08 Compressive Properties – Strength 1,547 kg/cm2 / 22,000 psi
Compressive Properties – Modulus 119,522 kg/cm2 / 1,700,000 psi
D790-07 Flexural Properties – Strength 1,125 kg/cm²/ 16,000 psi
Flexural Properties – Modulus 59,409 kg/cm²/ 845,000 psi
D256-06a Izod Impact Resistance 4.42 ft-lb/in / 236 J/m
D150-08 Dielectric Constant 3.63 k
D149-0 Dielectric Strength 20,000 volts/mm
D2240-05 Hardness – Shore D 88.2
D68-07 Heat Deflection Temperature 68°C / 145°F
** Adhesive Strength – Direct Pull – Steel 401 kg/cm²/ 5,700 psi
Adhesive Strength- Direct Pull – Aluminum 316 kg/cm²/ 4,500 psi