Thatch Fire Protection - Sharpshell
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Thatch Fire Protection

Thatch Fire Protection

Our THATCH FIRE PROTECTION PAINT / COATINGS  protects, all types of steel thus protecting expensive equipment structures and saving lives.

Our Application of Thatch Fire Protection Paint / Coatings give fire ratings of 30 mins; 1 hour or even 2 hours on all types of steel and can be applied by a brush or spray.

Sharpshell Thatch Fire ProtectionThatch 8000 Technical Data Sheet:

Description:  Sharpshell Thatch Fire Protection Thatch 8000 is a versatile flexible water-based intumescent coating designed for the fire retarding of interior and exterior thatch applications. When exposed to fire the coating intumesces and forms a foam layer that retards the penetration of heat to the thatch, thus insulating the surface.

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